No Longer Here…

To the one who is no longer here,
I am sending a dove to heaven,
It will carry a message just for you,
And I will hope that you might write back,
And send your answers in my dreams,
There is an emptiness that hasn’t disappeared,
And a longing that hasn’t gone away,
Since the last time I saw, with your eyes closed,
And your skin a deathly pale shade I had never seen before,
Everyday I wake up, to the sound of silence,
And somewhere in there, the wind carries your voice,
There is an aching thought that kills me again and again,
And I wonder if you are really gone forever,
Denial is beautiful and disastrous, much like the broken heart,
I laugh when I remember our moments,
And then forget how to breathe for a while,
When I remember that I can never have them again,
I close my eyes and imagine you there,
But finally I have to open them again,
You keep me busy even when you aren’t breathing,
Like a madness that isn’t really mad at all,
I hope you are happy where you are,
And I hope that you have a lot of friends,
Try to write back to me if you can,
Tell me about how it is up in heaven,
One day when I meet you there, reunited once more for eternity,
I will see it for myself, the life you live above,
But for now, I can’t imagine a heaven where we aren’t together.

Sapphire Red.


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