Dear Home

Dear home,
Do you feel your walls strengthen,
When a laugh echos through your halls?
And when the cry of a person sounds,
Do you fear that you will fall?

Do you let yourself cry tears,
That buildings aren’t supposed to cry?
When at bed time a child fears,
The monsters by his side?

Do you feel your abundance fall,
When your worth is dictated by a price?
By the sizes of your rooms and halls,
Instead of who inside you resides,

Do you wish you were never built,
When the men who shaped you so,
Plaster smiles to hide their guilt,
And bear a pain that is decades old?

Do you ever think you don’t exist,
When a family is one just by name?
And the life inside your walls is still,
Burned with a memory you wish to save,

Do you ever feel yourself slowly crack?
When the hardest blow is thrown,
And the people inside you compassion lack,
You become a house and not a home.

Sapphire Red


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