The Thief

He was as quiet as a mouse,
He creeped up on you when you wouldn’t expect,
And like most thieves, he didn’t choose the night,
Like whispers in the wind, he travelled to his victims,
Carried by the current of what the sky offered,
Like most of them, he wasn’t fated to die,
He promised his victims, when he took away their very last possession,
I will last as long as the world does, and unlike most thieves,
He kept his promises, he was a thief but not a liar,
He hadn’t sold his soul to the devil, they said he didn’t have one,
He spoke in quite little voices, that couldn’t be heard over his victim’s screams,
He didn’t wish to steal the moon, he made one of paper for himself,
His attacks lay in fate’s fragile hands, and he breathed through his fingers,
He didn’t want the stars, stars make no noise, he said,
He promised to live for an infinity, and he kept his promises,
His victim’s were taught how be dead,
They learned the map to death’s doorstep by heart, only to realize they weren’t dying,
He said what he stole was already his, and it was useless to fight it,
Like a sad prayer for a guilty soul, they don’t do you any good,
His victims danced in the ruins of what he left and he watched them live again,
He was a different kind of thief and I met him once,
I have never been the same again, he comes for everyone,
It’s better to greet him and accept him rather than try to run,
I accepted him, and my possessions are gone, but I am still me,
He was a different kind of thief, he said ‘hi’,
I said ‘hi’ back, I said ‘hi’ to reality,
He was the thief of fairy-tales, and he gave you a different kind of hope in return,
One that you had to work to be able to touch, it was there,
But it was hidden, like flowers growing in dead bodies.

Sapphire Red


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