Annihilating Butterfly

My feet feel numb and I can’t tell whether I am sinking in water or floating on ice. ‘You’ are the constant playing inside my head. ‘Let it go’ is what my heart is chanting endlessly and my brain is busy questioning your surreal existence. I was a caterpillar wrapped safely in a cocoon, devoid of all the worldly colours before I met you. You were an annihilating beautiful creature pulling my strings apart, tearing away my house. I watched you in awe inviting self destruction wanting to be with you, trying to adapt. Your presence made me feel so small, so conscious but the flowery nectar you offered to me was my key to ecstasy, painting me all shades of happiness. I kept waiting for you to wrap me in the sweetness of the spring.
But you left me, making me a nomad with no wings to fly. After all you were a butterfly and I a caterpillar. Now I am trying to master the art of letting you go…
Trying to outgrow my flaws turn into something more greater than you. But deep down my heart is still searching for you, craving for destruction.

Gaurika Taneja


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