It was well after 1:00 in the morning when Harry found George sitting at the table in the burrow with his head in his hands. Harry wouldn’t want to admit that he had hadn’t slept at all, either. He knew, for some reason or the other, what it was that had made George sit in the position he was in presently. It wasn’t new for Harry to miss sleep, it had been only an year since he had defeated Voldemort and saved the wizarding world. But he knew better than anybody else, that behind his fame, glory and heroism, there stood so many people that weren’t there to see the new world. He took a deep breath and slowly walked over to George, pulling up a chair and sitting down beside him, making sure his movements were silent. ‘Care to share?’ Harry said after a moment of silence. George hadn’t noticed him sit down at all and gave a little jump when Harry spoke. ‘What are you doing up?’ George asked him, though his eyes said that he knew why Harry was up. ‘Couldn’t sleep’ Harry answered anyway ‘I take it you have the same problem?’ ‘I can’t seem to stop thinking about him,’ George finally said after a few minutes of strained silence. ‘He was always with me, you know? I spent my entire life with him by my side. We weren’t just George or just Fred, we were Fred and George. We were a package and he was my best mate. Now he isn’t here and it is hard to accept that he has left me’ His voice so pained that Harry almost forgot it was George. But then again, George hadn’t been his usual cheery self since Fred’s death. ‘You know, George,’ Harry spoke carefully, as if convincing each word to create a story of its own. ‘I really don’t know what you are getting at. What do you mean that Fred left? He is still with you’ Harry kept his hand over George’s heart and said the same words that he had been taught years ago when he was 13, the words that had kept him sane after he had lost most of the people he loved. ‘The ones that love us never really leave us. We can always find them, in here’

Sapphire Red


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