Sirius Black

Sirius Black is grey. He is grey in its most silent and storming form at the same time. He is the clouds just before a storm and the grey shadow of the moon. He is leather jackets and motor oil and hair ties on your wrists for when your hair gets too annoying. Sirius Black is grey in its most volatile form when he reads a letter from his mother. He is the kind of grey that twinkles and shines when he is planning a prank. He is the grey shadow that forms on the ground when you hit a bludger too low. He is the grey bleakness of a snowy winter night and the reflection of the moon in the eyes of a wolf and a dog. Sirius Black is grey, even though he is a bright constellation, he is darker and deeper than he seems. Sirius Black is grey, mostly because grey is volatile and steady at the same time.

Sapphire Red


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