Did you teach your child
To share with poor?
To care for other?
To forgive the mistakes?
To live with no regrets?
To be thankful for all?
To build no walls?
To believe in love?
To smile when it’s tough?
To never disrespect?
To try their best?
To believe in God’s plan?
To feed the poor man?
To fight all the wrongs?
To be polite yet strong?
To follow their dreams?
To Inspire and Believe?
To cherish what they got?
To work on bad thoughts?
To be humble when rich?
To be content without it?
Teach them all of this,
Before life decides to hit,
Don’t ruin the future kids,
Teach them how to live,
Be thankful for every bit,
Trust God through all of it,
Be a parent you once
Writer’s Circle


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