Time’s Up!

The clock keeps ticking,
Dear, open your eyes;
10 seconds to go-
You’re drowing under water
And dying away slowly,
Like a flower waiting to be plucked,
To be put out of misery;
9 seconds to go-
You’re screaming your lungs out,
Thrashing around like it will help,
You’re hoping it isn’t too late
To feel alive again once more;
8 seconds to go-
You’re grabbing onto support
But it is submerging you under,
You’re not holding on tight enough,
You believe in burdening saviors;
7 seconds to go-
It’s all coming crashing down
And falling into place, anyway
But it still hurts to see it break,
Into pieces that breathe pain;
6 seconds to go-
You’re trying to keep your eyes open,
The sun is too bright but
The darkness too deep, and beliefs
Are deluded, you’re becoming a monster;
5 seconds to go-
It is breaking your existence
And threatening to destroy
Any mental balance you have,
You’re fighting but it isn’t good enough;
4 seconds to go-
The monster is close,
You stand with face pressed to the mirror,
It talks to you but never listens,
You’re the same being, anyway;
3 seconds to go-
Another one hits the ground
And fades away in the dust,
It leaves a trail behind which follows
You to the grave, while you’re still alive;
2 seconds to go-
It is getting so close, you can feel it,
Taking away every breath you breathe,
Yet every step is laboured but so easy
And you keep stumbling anyway;
1 second to go-
Oh, will you get up and face
Everything you’ve been running away from,
Don’t have much time and you could suffocate,
If only the solution was as easy as the answer;
Time’s up-
You’ve disappeared away and not again,
We’ll count to ten again, anyway
And hope you can swim this time round;
But time’s up and you’re gone;
We’re done for today, again.

Sapphire Red


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