“Hey, Human.” He sneered the usual insult. I looked up to see one person who I’ve been dodging all day. I think trying to dodge would be a better description. Since he was here now looming over me. I was waiting for the usual torture but surprisingly it never came. I looked around to see that some of the guards were still on duty. I must’ve had a death wish because I replied back with a smirk.

“Hey, three-eyed monster.”

I could practically see the smoke coming out of his head and nose. It was really comical. Even though I knew the consequences, but I still couldn’t help but laugh at his face. He wanted to hit me. It was clear by the look he gave me but he couldn’t do anything. So he stomped away in anger.

Hi, I’m sorry I forgot to introduce myself. I’m what they call a human. Humans went extinct a long time ago. I’m the last one of my kind. I honestly don’t know what parents were thinking when they brought me along with them but again I’m sure they weren’t thinking anything at all. They should’ve left me among the others to die. Because lets face it, being dead is better than being alive and feeling dead.

This thing is forbidden in our society. Because that’s what led to the destruction of Earthlings. Or so we’ve been told. ‘It was the superiority complex that destroyed them.’ They tell us. ‘People looking down on others because they didn’t fit their standards. People making people feeling inferior to them. Holding their hands just to let them go instead of pulling them back up. That’s what led to their destruction.’ The reason this isn’t allowed in our society. It disrupts the peace.

This went on for some time until finally the Terrible War started. It was a horrendous, dreadful and a gruesome war. There was bloodshed and merciless killing. Bloodshed. This word is almost extinct now. Since unlike aliens it was what humans consisted of. People dived daily in the arms of death just like the way leaves fall in the autumn. Blood ran in streams and river instead of water. It was a spine-chilling sight to bare, we’ve been told. The world was red in those days. Pure dark red. Like the colour of my parents’ kind.

It was then it happened. One day our people got a chance and they took it. They broke into the system. And when the Earthlings had realized what was happening it was already too late. Our people invaded them. Humans have been living there for centuries. They always feared that they’d get over-powered by some ‘alien’ force. Or so they called my people. I know what you’re thinking that my kind are no less than those people. But really that wasn’t the case at all. Humans ended up killing each other in fear.

We lived there for about a century until the planet was destroyed. Asteroids struck the Earth and due to the horrible conditions we couldn’t live there anymore. So we moved here. To Mars. Some others went to Saturn and Pluto too. Everyone scattered. Though, we’re still in contact with each other.

It’s okay here, really. But sometimes I couldn’t help but think what my life would’ve been like with other humans. Yes, we function the same way as they once did. But it would’ve been amazing to live with people who looked the same way you do. Instead, of creatures with three-eye, dark red skins and no proper shape or four-eyed beings with green skins.

Often I’ve asked this question from my parents, why am I so weird? What’s wrong with me? And they’ve answered this a countless times too. They tell me that I’m not weird and there is nothing wrong with me. Me being different from them and belonging to a different race doesn’t make me of any less importance. They tell me I’m unique and I’m still loved no matter what. Still every night, I ask myself the same question again and again. And when I search for answers I come up with absolutely nothing at all.I don’t know why though. But I think that’s the tragedy of life, that at the end of the day, some questions for some unknown reason always remain unanswered. Or maybe that is life. Maybe hoping for the best is what life is about.

-Urooj Ashfaq


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