Beauty of Broken Ones’ Will

The faces smiled, tears pushed aside,
They were good and they knew how to hide.
They endured the pain as they cried,
Every night bit by bit they died.
The scars were there; they lingered,
Memories of raging storms; they triggered.
So much pain and so much misery,
how they survived was still a mystery.
Unlike the books that you must have read,
they had no one to rely on or to care.
Like stars they were; burning bright,
Tired and scared yet putting up the fight.
They were believers & knew they’d get a happy ending,
They knew life was unfair yet they kept on hoping.
The mountains crumbled & the skies turned grey,
They waited & waited for princes that never came.
Maybe it was mindlessness or maybe madness,
Whatever it was made them fearless.
We don’t understand & maybe never will,
The beauty of broken ones’ will.

-Urooj Ashfaq.


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