In memory of one of the darkest days we have ever seen.

The prettiest books, I’ve ever known,
Are stained with blood forevermore,
We dip our pens, in red galore,
Do angels die? No they don’t
Bullets only kill the dead,
The living, living without their breath,
Names don’t die, people do,
The fire burns within the truth

Oh, how you tried to murder faith,
Came crashing down, your final day,
Hearts don’t stop when warriors sleep,
Death is but another destiny,

Of metal weapons and pools of blood,
You were made to lie with dust,
Of breaking walls and tattred books,
What will you see if you never look?

Tear stained faces only last so long,
Hope will live when all is gone,
Our hearts still beat, with a hopeful force,
No dead can ever feel remorse

Forgiveness is a virtue, the living hold,
Your existence short lived, mine forevermore,
Who won the battle you planned ahead,
Not all those who are buried, are really dead.

Sapphire Red


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