Will to Live

It was midnight, and finally it was time,
The highlight of his boring life.
His grin so wide was definitely a sight,
Everything paled in comparison, even the midnight sky.
He was to escape, escape the world he so desperately hated,
Transported to another where he was loved and wanted.
All because of a single being, without whom life was impossible,
They told him it was his imagination, not a real someone.
But he didn’t listen, because his friend was finally here.
Eyes sparkling with glee, equally wide grin he too did wear.
And just like every other night, it finally begin,
Their never-ending dreams they started to share.
Too busy in their little chat, they were oblivious to the danger,
A dark shadow with a cold smirk lurking around the corner.
And then the unevitable happened, something in which they didnt believe to begin with,
Or maybe they did, but ignoring was what made them feel safe.
A sword to his companions chest, and blood spilled everywhere,
A silent scream was all he could manage, paralyzed by fear.
Soul departing from his body, he realized with a smile,
It was indeed his imagination, after all this time.
Not a friend, but his will to live had what kept him alive.

-Urooj Ashfaq


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