Vision of Light

I wonder what about the stars
Cannot be found here on earth,
That we fall so deeply in love
With something so high above,
Closed up inside curtains of sight,
Packed away from the touch of vileness,
We have galaxies here below
In the eyes of those that see,
With more than just vision of light,

They’ve touched the moon
And marked it a territory,
But eyes that shine brighter than brightness itself,
They are untouchable
And not for taking but only a masterpiece,
To make the world fall in love
With something closer to themselves,
Than the skies above and constellations further up,
Eyes that love can hold a million worlds,
And they don’t ever die,
Maybe the shooting stars that break away
From their mystical nets above,
Find a home there, and keep living on.

Sapphire Red


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