Saved from Death

“I can’t do this anymore” she murmured.
But she wasn’t the only one who suffered.
She thought no one could see her wail,
But they always saw her eyes darken with pain.
The tears slipped out of her eyes.
Whenever she thought no one was in sight.
Late night on the balcony,
They saw her dying with agony.
The crying and the bawling,
Sounded worse than the wolf’s howling.
When asked what was wrong,
She always replied with ‘an exam gone wrong’.
The cheerful girl was now gone,
Her smile replace with a frown.
That smile used to lit up the room,
And now it was as if the robot was in the room.
No laughing and no giggling,
At the back of the room quietly sniffling.
She weeped and she slept.
Numb was the only thing she felt.
The day came when she realized,
Razor in her hand wasn’t what was required.
She got up and dressed up,
And never again did she to gave up.
She was given this life,
Because obviously she was brave enough to survive.
She let go of all the mistakes,
And accepted herself with no hate.
She did what no one could,
She found sunshine in the severe cold.
She trusted the fireflies; they led her to light.
And now she’s a moon burning bright.
Yeah, her scars never faded,
But she learned to live; and now she’d never trade it.

-Urooj Ashfaq


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