Liege of Duplicity

But dear, the fact is, the glass doesn’t shatter itself. It’s usually yours or someone else’s heedlessness that a once pure, fragile and vulnerable matter reaps enough strength to shred your skin apart. It either takes your life completely  or makes you endure the same fate as its broken self. But that doesn’t make the glass an offender and the person a saint. It’s the person who is the sinner and the glass, in spite of its broken self still remains as pure as an angel but the world is too blind to see that. And maybe after all this time, just like glass the Devil isn’t ‘The Master of Chaos’ as he’s believed to be and the Angel is the actual sinner, ‘The Liege of Duplicity’. Maybe in our hearts we do know that but we’re too obstinate to see past our prejudices. And maybe just maybe we’re the only malevolence that is there in the world.

-Urooj Ashfaq


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