I’m lost. And I don’t want to get up and figure out from this beautiful maze of happiness, my people create around me. The walls of memories, the pavement of love, the sky of hope, the wind of pleasure, everything is so winsome. So delightful, so ravishing, so appealing, so easy to my eyes. The chirping birds, is the echo of the beautiful words ever said to me. The sunshine on my eyes, is he beautiful gawk people ever did on me to reflect the love for me.

I walked straight to find the way, touched the walls with hopeful hands. And again I found myself staggering on the happiest moments I lived with the people I can’t forget. Clouds all over me, dewdrops all over my body, is the special touch of them. Everything I’m experiencing is so much pretty but I know the things I play on the cloud nine won’t last forever, but will last till I’m living them.

I’ll love them till I’m lost. And I won’t figure the way out. I’m lost. I’ll get deep in this lost world.



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