Merciless War.


The weather was warm with cool breezes, just like the citizens liked it. It was quiet, but not peaceful quiet. Quietness can sometimes make a person deaf. It was the silence nobody liked, because they knew what this would lead to. They awaited it, though. With bravery and courage, they waited, and waited. They hoped that they wouldn’t be ambushed by the night. Night brought nightmares with them, and they were tired of battling them.

All of a sudden, they heard it: a faint sound their ears strained to hear, but hoped it was their minds playing tricks again. They got into their stance and waited for the enemy to attack first. Their commander always ordered them not to attack first. It gives them a reason to come back at you. The soldiers couldn’t make much sense of it, but the commander was a wise man, and the soldiers trusted him with their lives.

That’s all they remembered from that day.

They were brave and courageous, and even though they’d won the war, they had lost so much more.

They’d lost their youth, fighting for their country, rather than dreams. They’d lost their beloved, because it was their time. They’d lost the meaning of a happy life, because they had been exposed to the radioactive truths life beholds, too early, too soon. They’d lost their kindness to the swords that took others lives, killing them from the inside, bit by bit.

They became insomniac and wondered, why did they ever fight, and not sort it out by talk? That’s what we were taught when we were young. They should’ve never gone to war. But then their country would be under ashes. They were the pawns of the government that held their men and women’s dignity and pride.

They were proud of what had become of their country, and their souls. They hoped that no child has to ever see the merciless of war.

-Sakina Shabbir.


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