One More Meal

An Anorexic Story

One More Meal

Mirror, oh mirror;
I told my breakfast
that I had no time,
I told my mother at lunch,
Of the things I’d eaten
When I was at school,
I stand in front of you,
Hands gripping at all
The parts of me I hate,
Mirror, oh mirror;
Don’t you think I’m pretty now?

I stood in the evening
And threw up my food,
Watched the satisfaction
Flow down the drains,
As my stomach grumbled,
Hungry, and yet my body,
Pushed away the thought;
You’re fat, they tell me
And I begin to believe
That there is nothing worse,
Mirror, oh mirror;
Don’t you think I’ve lost enough?

That person I like,
Maybe they hate
The way I look so full,
And my mother fears
That I am killing myself,
Slowly yet so fast,
That I feel like I’m running
Out of time and time?
It’s out to get me,
Mirror, oh mirror;
Just one more meal
washed away and then I’ll eat

Mirror, oh Mirror;
There are scissors
In my drawers and I wish,
I could cut away pieces
And become the way,
The world perceives beauty,
Mirror, oh mirror,
Won’t you answer back?
The world thinks I am dying,
But I just want myself
To not have my weight
Paint over my achievements,
And to not have a scale,
Scare me into the hole
That I have built,
Somewhere alone, somewhere secure,
Oh, we’ll skip just one more meal,
And maybe then, I’ll become pretty enough.

Sapphire Red


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